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Code de produit : 22200

SIZE: 70g/2.5oz
This classic tin of shoe polish provides a lasting military shine to all leather footwear. The high quality formulation combines the right amount of stain with a blend of all-natural waxes to create the ultimate shoe polish. This polish restores colour, increases water and stain resistance, nourishes leather and provides an unmatched, glossy, professional shine every time. A timeless classic.


Code Couleur
22200 22200
22201 22201

Brush off leather to remove surface dirt. Apply polish with an M&B horsehair dauber brush in circular motions. Allow to dry. Buff polish with an M&B horsehair shine brush. For an extra high gloss finish, apply a second coat and use an M&B polishing cloth to buff. 

For detailed instructions on how to achieve a professional shine, see our blog post here:
How to Achieve the Perfect Mirror Shine 

FIRST AID TREATMENT: Contains Heavy Alkylate Naphtha and Turpentine. If swallowed, call a Poison Control Centre or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting.