How to Care for Leather Shoes & Boots in Winter 

Winter Shoe Care Regime


While we love to see what Mother Nature can do in the warmer seasons, in the winter she may not be so kind. Even if after the snow has settled from a big storm it may look serene and beg for our footprints to make a mark, the aftermath on our shoes and boots may take the beating. To avoid the ruin of mother nature on your footwear, we have prepared a few ways to keep them clean and protected. 



1. Effective ways to keep your leather shoes and boots clean in the winter

2. Polish & Shine

3. Protection sources

4. Alternative footwear for your footwear 

Here are 3 EASY STEPS to help you extend the life of your leather goods:



Keeping your boots and shoes clean, may seem like it’s just as easy as wiping and removing. And it is! When you are using the right products. Not all wipes and sprays are made with your Leather footwear in mind. Choosing the right products will help maintain the longevity of your shoes and boots and keep them looking presentable and shiny, whether you are going from home to a business meeting or taking that toboggan down the hill with the kids.

Below we have compiled some of the best choices made especially for the protection of your shoes and boots to be used even in the harshest of winter times.

WINTER WIPES: As soon as you arrive at your destination, quickly wipe down your shoes with Winter Wipes. Each wipe is soaked in a salt-removing solution that effectively removes dirt and prevents salt stains from setting into footwear. They are resealable and disposable, made with all-natural ingredients and are 100% biodegradable. They are quick and easy to use, making them perfect for travel and the office. You can keep them in your bag, luggage, glovebox, closet, locker, etc. 

Salt eats away at leather so once you're home, use the SALT REMOVER. The Salt Remover spray removes salt stains quickly and easily with no rubbing or scrubbing. The new revolutionary formula works by dissolving and lifting salt film back into the solution to be wiped away with a soft cloth. 

For tough stains on your leather, we recommend the BOOT & SHOE CLEANER. This cleaner sprays a mist of foam that penetrates the soiled article deep to eliminate dirt build-up. It comes with its own built-in brush making it super easy and efficient to deep clean shoes. 

Another great product for cleaning leather is our LEATHER LOTION, specially formulated to clean and nourish all smooth leather, such as shoes, boots, leather clothing and accessories. It restores moisture back into the leather and helps prevent ageing, cracking and drying. 

ODOUR STOP™ BOOT + SHOE FRESHENERis a deodorizer that destroys tough odours in all types of shoes, boots, gym bags, and more! Contains a hygienic formula that neutralizes odour and keeps footwear fresh. The upside-down spray applicator gives boots and shoes full coverage from heel to toe.



Remember back in the day, or perhaps you saw them in movies, that little shoeshine stands in the airports and malls? You may have seen your grandfather stop or passed by and saw someone sitting there getting their shoes shined, or even yourself indulged. Shining your shoes may seem a little old school, but it shouldn't be discarded. Let us help you make this activity a staple in your self-care routines with the following easy to use items:

The INSTANT SHOE SHINE provides an instant shine to shoes in seconds without buffing. It nourishes and conditions the lather, renews colour, and increases water resistance. The kit comes with a built-in sponge applicator included making it easy to use.

You can carry the SHOE SHINE SPONGE everywhere you go to quickly clean and add shine and colour to your shoes and boots. The pre-soaked sponge nourishes cleans and shines in one easy step. It is ideal for smooth leathers as well as man-made leathers. Excellent for footwear, boots, handbags, and briefcases. It's super quick and convenient, perfect for travel!




When we experience those harsh winter conditions, protecting our shoes and boots should be at the top of our priorities as keeping warm. When it comes to leathers, all-year-round protection is necessary to keep the material well preserved and maintained. The  PRO-TEX™ WATER + STAIN PROTECTOR is an all-weather, year-round water and stain protector for all genuine or man-made leathers, suede, canvas and fabric. It coats the fibres to create an invisible shield that helps guard against rain, snow, dirt, sleet, oils, UV rays and salt stains. It helps to preserve leather and prevent cracking, discolouration and premature ageing. Use on footwear, garments, furniture, drapes and accessories. It does not contain silicone.

PRO-TEX™ NANO WATER + STAIN PROTECTOR is innovative, high-tech protection based on nanotechnology. Helps guard leather, suede, fabric and nubuck from rain, snow and salt. Smaller molecules penetrate deeper for better protection. Elements bead up and roll off the surface of the material. Longer lasting, better protection. Use on footwear, garments, apparel, furniture, drapes and accessories. Does not affect the breathability of the material. It does not contain silicone.



Overshoes are often overlooked. There are many benefits to these protective wear as they keep your shoes and boots concealed and safe from all types of weather and great and stylish alternative to winter boots. From low-cut design to a high fuller coverage or a more modern look, there are choices to help you get through the rain, snow, sleet, dirt, and salt.

The TRAVELLER OVERSHOES are a low-cut design that doesn’t hide the shoe but still protects from rain, sleet, dirt, snow and salt damage. They are 100% waterproof and the high-stretch natural rubber makes them easy to put on and off. Available in Sizes Men’s 6-13.

The CLASSIC OVERSHOES has a sleek design and provides extra traction on slippery surfaces. They are also 100% waterproof and made of high stretch natural rubber for easy on and off. Available in Sizes Men’s 6-13.

The METRO MOCCASIN OVERSHOES are real-looking moccasins with traditional tongue styling for full coverage and protection of dress shoes from rain, sleet, dirt, snow and salt damage. Also 100% waterproof and designed with extra traction for slippery surfaces. High-stretch natural rubber for easy on and off. Available in Sizes Men’s 6-13.

Leather, suede, canvas and fabrics make up the bottom of our closet and front door occupants. Hello, shoes! Even if you only have one pair, or like some of us over here, a few closest full (shhh we won’t tell if you don’t), the money we spend to clothe our feet and the joy for pairing the right shoe or boot to complete any outfit, is a relationship we want to keep strong. Leave the research to find the right products to keep your footwear clean and protected to us, and all you have to do is pick the ones that suit your needs the best! Don’t forget to make a snow angel or two when the urge hits and happy shopping!


And what about those SNEAKERS? Check out our SNEAKER CARE blog for tips and product recommendations. 


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