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Here are some reasons why shoe repair and taking care of your shoes is so important:

  1. Environmentally friendly. Millions of shoes fill landfills every year. That’s right, we said millions. Not all shoes contain materials that are recyclable or decomposable. When you choose to keep and repair your shoes, you are reducing waste and reusing material. Help save our planet one pair at a time.
  2. Support a local business and skilled trade. Cobblers are skilled craftspeople. They have the knowledge and talent to repair or completely rebuild a shoe and extend its life long-term. Shoe repair is often passed down through generations and cobblers take great pride in their work. Visit your local shop today and invest money into those who live and work in your community.
  3. Save money. Great shoes are expensive. The cost of repairing a pair of shoes is less than purchasing a new pair. Invest in a quality pair, repair them, and they will last a lifetime.
  4. Keep your favourites! You’ve already broken in your favourite pair of shoes. They have stretched where you need it most, fit perfectly and have become comfortable over time. Why throw them away and have to break in a new pair? Why suffer through stiffness, blisters and foot ache? Repair and care for your favourite shoes and they will look new and last a lifetime. 
M and B Shoe Repair



The heel on a men's shoe is one of the first areas to show wear. It will often file away unevenly on one side as a result of walking regularly on hard surfaces. This not only makes the shoes look tired but also affects one's overall posture and comfort from the strain of walking on an unleveled surface. Replace the heels on your favourite dress shoe or boot to save your back, knees and joints and to extend the life of your footwear for years. Available in leather or rubber in various patterns and treads to provide different levels of traction and shock absorption.


Women's heels tend to wear away at the heel tip (the end of the heel that touches the ground) and on the ball-of-foot area. M&B can replace the heel tip to reverse wear, increase grip and reduce the noise of each footstep. The heel itself can be reattached, replaced, or rewrapped to cover scratches and tears in the material. The ball-of-foot area can be resoled in leather or rubber in a variety of patterns, colours and treads. Resoling high heels helps to reverse wear, increase grip on slippery surfaces and provide comfort. The toe area (of pointy shoes in particular) can wear away quickly. This area can be repaired and reinforced to keep your favourite heels lasting longer.


The sole is the bottom part of your footwear that comes in contact with the ground. This area wears away quickly and can easily be replaced to extend the life of your shoes. Available in various materials such as high quality leather or rubber. Rubber protective soles also help prevent slipping and come in various patterns and levels of tread. Sole repairs can be full (the whole underside) or half (just the toe and ball of foot area). Replacing a full sole is one of the most impactful services you can have done to extend the life of your shoes and keep them looking great and feeling comfortable for years.


Rips to the body of a shoe or torn seams can be repaired through stitching or applying a patch. The inside heel area of a shoe tends to wear away quickly; this area can be reinforced with extra material. Soles that have come apart from the rest of the shoe can be glued or stitched back into place and will extend the life of your shoes.


Shoes can be stretched in targeted areas to increase comfort and also help with preventing/relieving pain around bunions. Stretching can also be done on boot calves up to a certain width. If not stretched wide enough, creating a leather or elastic panel may be a great option. Warning: We recommend wearing new shoes first to try to stretch them out naturally. If this does not work, our stores can help. Please note that M&B is not liable for any stitching that may come undone during the process as all shoes are manufactured differently.


There are a wide range of customizations that can be done to either repair or help improve shoe fit. Some examples include: widening or tightening a boot calf, shortening or extending height of boot calf, repairing or altering shoe straps, reconstruction from pet or other major damage, increased shoe height (elevator shoes), and more. Please contact a location directly to discuss your specific needs.


Various sizes, colours and finishes of zippers can be replaced on footwear and accessories. Zippers can often also be added onto footwear that don't currently have any for ease-of-wear.


Buckles, eyelets, studs, beads, zipper pulls, clasps and much more can be replaced or added onto most footwear and accessories.


Summer season footwear wear away quickly as we're usually more active during warmer weather. Bring M&B your favourite sandals to have the straps reattached or replaced, tightened or loosened. We can also replace the entire sole, add a non-slip grip and clean stains on the outside or inside lining and remove unpleasant odours. You can have the entire footbed of your Birkenstock sandals replaced, cleaned, conditioned and protected to prevent cracking.


Getting your shoes professionally cleaned not only makes them look new again but also helps extend their life. Bring your shoes in regularly to remove stains and neutralize odours from smoke, pets, dust, regular wear, and more. We have a variety of cleaning products and methods to renew your genuine or synthetic leather, canvas, vinyl, patent, nylon, mesh, linen, fabric and napped leathers such as suede, nubuck and sheepskin. We can also deep clean your sneakers and make them look bright and fresh again. It is also very important to condition your shoes. This includes adding back in moisture. Leather tends to dry out over time and it is very important to restore the natural oils and pigment back into the material to prevent fading, cracking, and to keep the leather soft and supple. It's also important to condition napped leather. Delicate suede and sheepskin can look worn and faded quickly. A quick service can restore the colour and renew the velvety texture.


A shiny shoe makes a great impression. It sends a statement that you take care of yourself and the things that you purchase. M&B has a great variety of polish types and colours to achieve that perfect level of shine for your footwear. Whether you want a professional mirror shine or a soft, natural shine, polishing your shoes not only improves their appearance and makes you feel great, but it helps repel water and dirt and extends their life.


Protecting your footwear is the number one most important thing you can do to extend their life and keep them looking great for years. M&B stores can specially treat your leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, linen, vinyl, genuine and synthetics with our Pro-tex™ Water + Stain protector or one of our many other specialized repellents. You've invested in a great pair of shoes, this quick service will help shield them from rain, snow, sleet, dirt, oils, stains and salt so they last you a lifetime.


Handbags such as purses, weekend bags, briefcases, backpacks, laptop bags, etc. often get worn rather quickly as they accompany us throughout our busy days. M&B can repair broken straps, eyelets, replace piping, repair hardware, zippers, replace entire linings, replace or reinforce the underneath of a bag (that touches the floor), clean and condition, renew colour, re-dye, treat with protector and so much more! Bring your broken luggage to our stores to be assessed. We may be able to replace zippers or wheels depending on the make and model of your piece. Ripped wallets can be repaired and lining replaced. Many other leather goods can be conditioned and restores such as sporting equipment, leather storage boxes, book covers, and more. Leather belts can be repaired or new holes punched.


Bridal shoes, dance shoes, and other types of footwear and accessories can be dyed to match a specific colour. Materials include genuine or synthetic leather, suede, nubuck, canvas and more. Please note that not all colours can be matched perfectly. The specific material, manufacturing process, glue, level of wear, and layers of details on a shoe can absorb the dye differently. Colourfastness will also vary. Please check with a location directly to confirm if your item is able to be dyed and review any variables that may occur.


Bring Moneysworth & Best Quality Shoe Repair your clothing to be repaired or conditioned. This includes leather jackets, vests, pants, hats and more. Rips can be stitched, patches added to cover holes or reinforce heavily worn areas, fading recoloured, zippers replaced, and more. Deep cleaning, stain removal and protector treatment is also a great service to extend the life of your favourite leather jacket.


Moneysworth & Best Quality Shoe Repair stores have the equipment to cut most styles of keys. Some locations also offer key FOB case replacement, microchip key cutting, and more. Contact a location directly for specialized inquires.


Some of M&B's repair shops offer knife, scissor and skate sharpening. Contact a location directly for availability.


Bring your watch to M&B to have the strap or buckle repaired, replaced or to install a new battery. M&B takes great care when replacing the battery but is not liable for any possible scratches to the backing due to difficulty in gaining access.


Some Moneysworth & Best Quality Shoe Repair locations offer full dry cleaning and alteration services. Contact a location directly for availability.


Bring M&B your baseball, hockey and other leather sporting goods equipment to have them stitched, patched, re-laced, thoroughly cleaned and reconditioned to extend their life.