Winter shoe cleaning & storing tips!

Winter shoe cleaning & storing tips!

Step One - Remove Surface Dirt.

For Leather: Remove dirt and dust with a slightly damp M&B cloth (29904).

For Suede & Sheepskin: Remove spots and stains with an M&B Professional Suede, Nubuck and Sheepskin Cleaner (30811) or Deluxe Suede Brush (30800). New 3 way brush (sample).

Step Two- Remove Salt Stains on leather, suede and sheepskin.

(Be sure to test on a small, inconspicuous area first for colorfastness).

Use M&B Salt Remover aerosol (14220) or M&B Salt Remover liquid form (14201) to remove stubborn salt stains. Allow to dry.

Important note: If you forgot to spray your shoes, and come indoors with white salt marks on your shoes be sure to remove the salt stains with Moneysworth & Best salt remover right away, as salt reacts very quickly at room temperature and can eat away at the leather.

Step Three- Clean & Condition

For Leather: Use Moneysworth & Best leather cleaner (27730) or Moneysworth & Best Saddle Soap (13700) to clean and condition leather. Using a clean, dry M&B polishing cloth (29904) apply the cleaner evenly to entire surface, rub in circular motion and buff until dry.

For Suede: Use Moneysworth & Best Suede Cleaner aerosol (13800) or Suede Cleaner liquid (13803) to remove dirt and stains, and a deluxe suede brush (30800) to remove stubborn spots and stains, and to brush up nap after cleaning.

For Sheepskin: Use Moneysworth & Best Sheepskin cleaner (13810). Dampen sheepskin with cold water first, and then apply a small amount of sheepskin cleaner with an M&B cleaning brush (30808). Then gently scrub with small strokes. Then rinse surface with cold water. Use boot shapers (31415) to hold the shape of the boots, and allow to dry in a well ventilated area. Do not dry in direct sunlight or heat. Once dry, use a dry M&B cleaning brush (30808) or Sheepskin Brush (new) to brush up nap.

Step Four- Polish

For Leather: Moneysworth & Best makes shoe polishes in liquid, cream or paste formats. Liquids are quick and easy to use. Paste and creams offer a more deep and penetrating polish and last longer, but take more effort to apply. Using a soft M&B polishing cloth (29904) or dauber brush (30404), apply the polish to the shoe evenly and thoroughly. If you are using a paste or cream, use a Moneysworth & Best polishing brush (30304) or polishing cloth (29904) for a long lasting, high gloss finish.

For Suede: Use Moneysworth & Best Suede Renew to refresh renew the color of suede and replenish the natural oils that are lost during normal wear. M&B's suede renew (21103-21114) is available in 12 fashion colours. Then, brush up the nap with an M&B suede brush (30800).

Other tips

  1. Now you are ready to store your shoes. Cedar shoe trees should be in shoes, and in fabric Moneysworth & Best shoe bags (200007). Boots should be stored in boot shapers (31415).
  2. Overshoes: Another great way to protect your shoes and keep them looking great is to cover up with overshoes. Keeps snow out and a great way of preventing salt stains, great for dress shoes.
  3. PROTECT - When you are ready to bring out your shoes for the next season, be sure to protect them with Moneysworth & Best Pro-Tex™ (16100), Snow Guard Boot Protector (14220) or Sheepskin Water & Stain Repellent (13915) and be sure to re-apply every 3-4 wearings. This will help repel water, soil, oil and stains on shoes and help your footwear last longer.