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Product Code: 23820

A permanent solution to untied laces. Made of durable elastic to provide flexible support. Features an adjustable tension and locking system that allows for a customized fit. Simply loosen the tension to give your feet more space or tighten for extra support during moderate to high levels of activity. These no-tie laces also allow you to slip your shoes on and off without damaging the heel counters. 

Great for everyone - especially those with arthritis, kids, seniors, athletes, those that have trouble bending down, runners and for those that simply want a time-saving, practical solution to convert any shoe into a slip-on. Replace the laces on your favourite shoes only once and you'll never have tie them again!

Code COLOUR & SIZE Quantity
23820 23820 - BLACK  
23821 23821 - WHITE  
23822 23822 - GREY  
23823 23823 - PINK/GREY  
23824 23824 - WHITE/GREY  
23826 23826 - BLUE/GREY  
23825 23825 - BLACK/GREY  
23827 23827 - RED  
23828 23828 - ORANGE