How to Achieve the Perfect Mirror Shine
Shoes that are in great condition, whose shine catches your eye from a distance, silently but boldly make a statement about the wearer. It simply says... that person cares and takes pride in their self. The knowledge and tradition of shining shoes has been passed down through many generations. Whether you wear dress shoes daily to the office or only on special occasions, you owe it to yourself and your shoes to learn this very important skill. Once you’ve mastered the skill of shining, you’ll find that taking some quiet time to yourself while you work on each shoe will be therapeutic and rewarding when you step out and present yourself to the world in your new mirror-shined footwear.
3 steps to survive winter’s salt stains
We love our shoes and boots but winter is around the corner which means the streets and sidewalks will be filled with salt, dirt and sludgy stuff, threatening the footwear we cherish with salt stains and the like. We are in a bustling big city which means we need our weekend boots for casually running errands and for our beautiful hikes in the parklands. We also need our city footwear to look presentable heading into the office or on a night on the town.
M&B Cedar Shoe Trees on Gentlemen Gate Blog
Gentleman Gate's informative blog have included all the benefits of using Moneysworth & Best Cedar Shoe Trees
Moneysworth & Best Quality Shoe Repair Commercial
Shoe repair commercial
Clean, protect and renew your boots. 5 easy steps video
Easy Steps to Clean, Protect and Renew Your Boots
Pro-Tex™ All Purpose Water & Stain Repellent
Pro-Tex™ will keep your leather suede & fabric looking great all winter long!
Lace 'Em up - 8 different lacing methods for dress and casual shoes
8 trendy lacing options
My Shoes and I
For the past 26 years, Ghyslain Anctil has been the resident cobbler at Place-Ville-Marie. After so many years spent pampering his clients' shoes, it's not surprising that the owner of the small Moneysworth & Best shop has so many stories to tell…
Winter shoe cleaning & storing tips!
Winter shoe cleaning & storing tips!
For Suede & Sheepskin: Remove spots and stains with an M&B Professional Suede, Nubuck and Sheepskin Cleaner (30811) or Deluxe Suede Brush (30800). New 3 way brush (sample).